The Bystander Effect: Why Your Example Matters!

James Corbett of The Corbett Report published a great video in his Solutions Watch series about the strange psychological effects of crowds. One would expect that when a horrible injustice is witnessed by a large enough crowd somebody would certainly take action to stop or correct that injustice. Psychological studies for decades have surprisingly shown the opposite. In a large crowd the feeling of personal responsibility for a situation is diffused and people in a large crowd are actually less likely to take action than when there are only a few people present.

Today we are in a horrible situation where government at many levels is perpetrating mass injustices on large numbers of people. Indications are that the situation will continue to escalate and get worse unless a large number of people stand up against it. Indications are that what started off as a pair of voluntary jabs is turning into a mandatory treatment for medical workers, federal employees (including the military), and federal contractors. From there the mandates will move into other companies across the country and 3rd and 4th shots as boosters will be demanded. Once everybody is either compliant or ostracized from society, the next steps of those in power are hard to predict, but they are likely to be emboldened to take larger and larger steps to seize more and more centralized power over the people.

However, there’s an antidote to the bystander effect that appears in some of those same studies. It’s found in the one person in the crowd who chooses to take action. Once somebody stands up, the others who see the injustice will be emboldened to take action. Be that person. Stand up. Take action, whether you are vaccinated or not!

Here’s Corbett’s video. We are not associated with The Corbett Report, but believe that there is a lot to be learned from this video.

I believe that this applies even in the macro sense, as people are afraid to speak up about injustices on a very large scale. We are purposely gas-lit into believing that our views are in the minority, that only we see the injustice, and any actions we take will be futile. However, the actions we take, even when nobody else immediately pitches in, will be seen by others and will inspire others to action in the long-term.

Remember that you simply cannot comply your way out of tyranny. Be inspirational to others by being brave enough to stand for liberty!

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