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Do you want to see the Libertarian Party grow in Warren County, Ohio? Then you’re in the right place! We are excited about sharing Libertarianism with our neighbors and we’re focused on growing the Party, but we need your help!

Here are some ways you can help grow the Libertarian Party of Ohio here in Warren County.

Get Plugged In!

On Social Media

In Person

If you’re curious about libertarianism and want to learn more, we’d love to have you visit us at one of our monthly events:

  • Our monthly business meeting is open to all and takes place the second Wednesday of the month.
  • The evening social follows the monthly business meeting.
  • Our afternoon social takes place the third Friday of every month.

For full details on all events, please visit our events page.

Get the Word Out

Between vaccine mandates, mask mandates, out of control government spending, rising inflation, and rising gas prices, just about everyone is mad at the government for one reason or another these days.

Not only are people mad, but they’re losing hope. The two-party system isn’t working. Our Congressmen and Senators are out of touch, more concerned with getting re-elected than with solving our problems.

Let people know there are more than two political parties out there! Let people know there is an American political party based on liberty, transparency, and accountability! When someone asks what you’ve been up to, let them know you joined the Libertarian Party. (Most people don’t even know we exist and will ask what you’re talking about) Start following our social media channels and sharing content to your followers. We are VERY active on Facebook and have start publishing blog articles here regularly as well.

Community Engagement

Are you passionate about getting out in the community and making a direct impact on people’s lives through volunteerism and other outreach events? The more we help each other, the less we need the government, so we LOVE community service! If you want to roll up your sleeves and get involved, we can get you plugged in.

Marketing / Communications

Are you a Marketing pro? Spreading the word of the Libertarian Party to Warren County is one of our top priorities. If you have any of the skills below and want to help spread Libertarian ideals, please let us know!

  • WordPress Administration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing/Management
  • Copywriting / Blogging
  • Graphic Design / Photoshop / etc.
  • Video Production / Video Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM Implementation/Administration

Support the Libertarian Party Financially

Last but not least, donations are always welcome, too. We are fighting an uphill battle to spread the word about Libertarianism in Warren County, but the red guys and the blue have built a closed system designed to keep other parties out of Ohio politics.

We have to fight back, and fighting back takes financial resources. If you would like to provide direct financial support to the Libertarian Party of Warren County, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the various ways you can invest in our county’s future.

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