The LPO Platform

Libertarian Party of Ohio Platform


The Libertarian Party of Ohio embraces the principles and tenets of libertarian thought: individual rights and the freedom to exercise them, confidence in free markets, private property rights, and tolerance for other cultures and ideals. At heart, Ohio Libertarians espouse personal responsibility in social interaction, because responsibility is an essential component of liberty. Our common goal is to defend individuals’ primary rights to life, liberty, and property. All people have the right to the pursuit of happiness as long as their actions do not infringe on these primary rights of others. As a State Affiliate, our platform focuses on state-centric issues. We defer positions of national interest to the National Party and incorporate herein their Platform, Preamble, and Statement of Principles. We defer to our candidates the responsibility of defining specific solutions to local and regional issues within the parameters of our stated principles.


Free Markets

Believing that free markets are the arbiter of value, we are opposed to legislation or government contracts in the State of Ohio that require pay above fair market price for wages or property, create environments of cronyism or nepotism, require occupational licensing, or allow for theft of private property through eminent domain.

Monetary Policy

We favor the restoration of gold and silver as a form of legal tender in Ohio, as required by the federal constitution, and an end to taxation on these metals. We recognize the right of individuals to accept any means of exchange they choose, including cryptocurrencies, for the transaction of business.

Taxation & Spending

The State Government should not incur debt. We call for the repeal of the state income tax, property tax, and the reduction of all fees, licenses, and other taxes, including sales tax.

Self Defense

We call for the repeal of all Ohio laws which restrict the right to keep and bear arms. We demand enactment of “Constitutional carry”, open or concealed, including the end of all licensing and all other restrictions on our natural right to defend ourselves.

Crime & Punishment

The powers delegated to the state to preserve the rights of the People by prosecuting and punishing crime must be limited in scope and not motivated by profit. Any function of law enforcement that exceeds or neglects these powers is abuse. As such, the LPO advocates for removal of private prison quotas, as well as laws pertaining to mandatory minimum sentencing, drug possession and use, and minor probation violations.

Jury Nullification

We insist that all juries be informed of their right to judge the law as well as the case and that failure to be so informed be cause for mistrial.

Federal Overreach

The LPO supports the principle that the State may assert its sovereignty as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution to protect its residents from federal overreach that adversely affects the lives and liberty of Ohio residents.


The LPO calls for the dramatic reduction of barriers to ballot access, and opposes gerrymandering.

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