Michael Hiles, Founder and CEO of 10XTX
Michael Hiles, Founder and CEO of 10XTX

LPWC Press Release: Fintech Expert Michael Hiles to Speak in April Meeting

On Wednesday the 13th of April, 2022, Michael Hiles will speak to the Libertarian Party of Warren County Ohio (LPWC) (https://warren.lpo.org/) at Doc’s Place in Lebanon. The event is open to the public. Mr. Hiles’ talk will be at 7:30 pm, addressing the following topic:

The social implications of fintech and regulatory policy have many risks to individual liberty. Thoughtful consideration to policy must be given, while working quickly to maintain relevance in a global marketplace.

Michael Hiles is the Founder & CEO of 10XTS (https://10xts.com/). 10XTS is a provider of inter-institutional universal tokenization market infrastructure technology for the emerging, global, decentralized capital markets. Their flagship product is XDEX, a governance, risk, and compliance solution that brings DeFi efficiencies to traditional capital markets while ensuring data and records portability and ownership for securities issuers and their investors within well-defined regulatory compliance frameworks. Michael and his team help institutional clients execute on their digital transformation directives through the adoption of efficient trust technologies like blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Michael began his career in the early 1990s as a software developer for government information systems platforms. In 2000, Michael’s team won a Smithsonian Laureate Award for being the first to ever connect a judicial system to the worldwide web. He regularly speaks and is regarded as an expert in information governance, risk, and compliance systems and automation in both public and private sectors.

Michael speaks at the international level on these topics and it’s truly an honor to have him speak at our local Libertarian Party affiliate.

Mr. Hiles’ talk will take place at 7:30 pm after an abbreviated Libertarian Party of Warren County business meeting which begins at 7:00 pm. The business meeting is likewise open to the public. After the business meeting and talk there will be a social with opportunities to enjoy drinks and discussions with fellow advocates of fintech, blockchain, decentralization, and, of course, liberty.

Mark Marasch

Mark first voted Libertarian in 1992. His philosophy has been (small "l") libertarian ever since, but he actually joined the party at the national and state level in early 2021. He made the realization that people need to become active in politics or government will continue to grow and become more coercive while nobody is paying attention. In the past couple years government has become noticeably more oppressive under the establishment parties. Now is the time to stand up, as we might not be able to so later!